O & M Program Design

Why do Station Operators hire Marathon?

CNG Station Operational support:

  • Develop spare parts and maintenance programs whether in house or contracted to a third party maintenance provider
  • Development of bid specifications for third party maintenance contracts
  • Development of Maintenance Tracking and Monitoring protocols
  • Troubleshooting operational or reliability problems

Minor upgrades may be required:

  • Many older CNG stations have been "orphaned" by manufacturers no longer in the business. In many cases, stations which have not historically operated reliably may require only minor upgrades to controls programming, the compressor package or dispensing system.
  • The owner may want to add new equipment, but the existing station is not designed to accommodate growth
  • Many older CNG stations have all of the correct equipment but lack proper integration of equipment to ensure safe and efficient operation


Marathon will determine the most cost and operationally effective upgrades to modernize and streamline the CNG station. Marathon will assist the Owner by providing specifications, and support through the design, bidding, construction and commissioning of minor station upgrades.