Marathon Advantage

These are the benchmarks by which we ensure the high quality of our work.

1. Marathon delivers projects that provide:

  • Safety
  • Reliability
  • High Performance
  • Durability
  • Scalability
  • Long term value

2. Marathon has no affiliation with any equipment supplier. We have experience with a wide variety of industry equipment suppliers, installers and other service providers. We will work as your impartial advocate ensuring that you receive the best-fit and best value solution for your fleet needs.

3. We offer a complete range of state-of-the-art analysis, project execution and operations support tools and services. This provides the client with a single consultant that can oversee the gaseous-fuel station and building upgrade project from concept through to operations, ensuring an efficient and consistent approach to meeting your needs.

4. Marathon has a long term stake in the gaseous-fuel industry. The majority of our work comes through referrals from satisfied clients. We work hard to ensure that every client will be an enthusiastic reference.

5. Marathon is the name brand for gaseous fuels infrastructure consulting.


  • "…we needed an impartial consultant that had no affiliation to any equipment supplier.  Marathon provided objective advice to help us sort through the claims of manufacturers…"
    -Project Manager for station customer

  • …they guided us through all phases of our project.  Marathon had knowledge and expertise in everything from the business analysis and decisions, to the technical requirements related to the CNG station design and garage upgrades.  They provided the full scope of service we needed…(small city executive)

  • …Marathon is very focused on safety and quality… (long term industry executive)

  • …we didn’t realize the life cycle cost implications of accepting the (low) service pressure being offered by the utility. Marathon educated us, and the utility engineering staff, as to the mutual benefits of higher inlet pressure.  This expertise saved us hundreds of thousands of dollars….(large municipal fleet Project Manager)

  • …Marathon asked the right questions…we were on track to significantly undersize the facility until Marathon reviewed our assumptions…(General Engineering Consultant for a medium sized transit fleet)

  • …we had three very different station equipment proposals and no way to evaluate them.  Marathon helped us to determine the real benefits and costs of each and determine the best value….(large transit fleet Project Manager)

  • …I learned more in this one day course from CNG U than I did in 17 months of working with our station design build contractor…(transit fleet Project Manager)

  • …Marathon was like our on staff CNG technical expert…(retail fuel station operator)

  • …we had no way of knowing whether the contractor was giving us real information—Marathon provided us with expert support to keep them honest…(transit fleet General Manager)

  • …we won’t do a CNG project without Marathon on our team…(large engineering firm Project Manager)