Incident Investigation/Insurance Support Reconstruction

As an expert in the design and support of CNG fueling facilities, Marathon is called upon by Owners and Insurance Companies to provide forensic investigation services. Investigations are focused on determining the cause of an incident and identifying design modifications or operating procedures to prevent a recurrence.

Marathon can continue this support through the Insurance Company reconstruction process by supplying estimates of damage, reconstruction designs and plans, workaround plans, construction and commissioning period support.

In the aftermath of any incident, the Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJs) have a heightened sense of caution. Permitting the reconstruction of a post incident station is a special challenge. Marathon's focus on safety by design has been critical in these circumstances in restoring the confidence of the AHJ.

Marathon's experience investigating these incidents is valuable input to the design of new CNG stations and facility modifications. Marathon applies lessons learned to ensure that Marathon stations are built to be industry leaders in safety.

Examples of our forensic investigations projects include:

A Deflagration in an Indoor Fueling Facility

Marathon was hired originally by the owner to provide redesign services for the facility.



















Rupture of a 200 psi Vessel

The rupture of a 200 psi vessel at a CNG station causing the destruction if the CNG compressor. Marathon was hired by the owner's insurance company to determine the cause and remedy for the incident.

Fire Damage

A serious fire damaged the majority of the equipment at this large station. Marathon was initially hired by the Insurer to assist in estimating the extent and cost of this damage. This contract was followed by a contract with the Owner to oversee the redesign of the CNG station. This station is now among the safest stations in the country.