Cascade Fast Fill Station Construction


Client: City of Dublin

The City of Dublin, Ohio constructed this large cascade fast fill station to serve its mixed fleet of CNG vehicles ranging from light vehicles to dump trucks. The station is designed to provide public access fueling to outside fleets.

Dublin wanted a solution with the ability to efficiently fuel a wide variety of vehicles from within and outside their fleet, and they wanted a scalable solution that would allow the station to be easily expanded to adapt to their growing CNG fleet and the growth of the outside fleets.

Cascade fast fill stations are designed to provide high speed fueling during peak periods such as morning roll-out and afternoon roll-in. Cascade fast fill is well suited to fleets of light duty vehicles, fleets that fuel randomly or in several peaks during the day or where peak fueling occurs over a limited period of time such as 60 to 90 minutes. Cascade fast fill stations tend to include larger and more complex equipment than time fill stations but provide a high degree of flexibility in vehicle fueling.