Buffer Fast Fill - Midwestern Transit Agency

This medium sized midwestern transit agency constructed this large buffer and cascade fast fill station to serve their fleet of transit buses and to allow the future fueling of public vehicles of all sizes. Marathon’s design philosophy emphasizes user convenience and high speed fueling to ensure a positive user experience at the dispenser. Although this station was designed to provide high performance as well as high reliability and safety, it was designed and constructed within a very tight budget.

Buffer fast fill stations are designed to provide high speed fueling during extended fueling shifts that last for several hours—this system is used to fuel the transit fleet. The storage buffer itself is intended only to allow the compressors to continue to run loaded as buses are connected and disconnected. Buffer fast fill stations tend to include the largest and most complex equipment of all fill station configurations but provide the ability to dispense a large amount of fuel over an extended total fill shift.

The Cascade fueling provided on this site is connected to the public access fueling dispensers only. Cascade fast fill stations are designed to provide high speed fueling during peak periods such as morning roll-out and afternoon roll-in. Cascade fast fill is well suited to fleets of light duty vehicles, fleets that fuel randomly or in several peaks during the day or where peak fueling occurs over a limited period of time such as 60 to 90 minutes. Cascade fast fill stations tend to include larger and more complex equipment than time fill stations but provide a high degree of flexibility in vehicle fueling.