Montgomery County, Ohio Builds Cascade Fast Fill Station for Trash Transfer Trucks

Montgomery County

Client: Montgomery County

Montgomery County, Ohio constructed this large cascade fast fill station to serve their fleet of trash transfer trucks domiciled nearby. The station was designed to capitalize on the County’s excellent location near a major interstate interchange and at the trash transfer station to generate fuel sales by increasing station throughput from third party public sales.

Cascade fast fill stations are designed to provide high speed fueling during peak periods such as morning roll-out and afternoon roll-in. Cascade fast fill is well suited to fleets of light or medium duty vehicles, fleets that fuel randomly or in several peaks during the day or where peak fueling occurs over a limited period of time such as 60 to 90 minutes. This station is laid out and equipped to facilitate efficient and safe movement and fueling of tractor trailers. Marathon’s design philosophy emphasizes user convenience and high speed fueling to ensure a positive customer experience at the dispenser.

The County structured this project as a design build procurement. Marathon worked with other Owner consultants to develop an initial design and all bid documents then supported the Owner through bidding, construction and commissioning phases.