The City of Tucsons' New Fueling System


Client: City of Tucson

The City of Tucson required a fueling system that could address a wide variety of needs. Marathon designed a unique solution that included a 94 truck time fill system for the trash fleet, a cascade fueling system with two dual hose dispensers to fast fill a variety of fleet vehicles and a high capacity buffer fueling system to fuel their SunTran transit bus fleet. Combining all of these operations into a single station reduced the amount of equipment required and enhanced the use of the equipment.

A covered fueling station compound was designed to protect the equipment and greatly enhance serviceability. Equipment was designed to operate reliably in a high ambient temperature environment.

Time fill provides several advantages for fleets that are parked overnight in the yard:

1. Time fill often reduces the size of compression equipment required

2. This results in lower capital, power and maintenance costs

3. Time fill systems are very simple and thus are very reliable

4. Time fill provides a very complete vehicle fills without high technology fill algorithms—this is particularly important in high ambient temperature locations