Buffer Fast Fill Station Adds Public-Access Cascade Fueling Station

Transit Authority

Client: Clean Energy

This transit authority expanded its Marathon designed Buffer Fast Fill station with the addition of a fully public accessible Cascade style fueling station. The addition of retail fueling capability allows the transit authority to leverage their main station investment to increase revenue while providing a public service by making CNG available to more fleets. This satellite station has the ability to provide a very fast fill to vehicles ranging in size from pickup trucks to trash trucks and tractor trailers. Since the transit fleet fuels primarily in the late evening and early morning, the public fueling through the satellite island has little to no impact on the station’s capacity to fuel transit buses.

Marathon designed the main station to allow the easy integration of this satellite station in the future. The separation between the main station and this satellite station is approximately one-third of a mile. With this long distance a separate storage cascade was provided at the satellite station.